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Sensory Integration

It has been well documented that there is now an epidemic increase in the neurological phenomenon known as “Autistic Spectrum Disorders”. Since the early 1970’s, there has been a jump of more than 15% in the number of children diagnosed with such disorders.

What is a “Sensory Integration Disorder”?
“Sensory Integration Disorder” was a term first coined by occupational and physical therapists who treated large numbers of children with “Autism.” It describes an inability to integrate or coordinate the senses of perception and balance in a concerted effort.

Almost all disorders in this category are related to abnormal or fluctuant function of three primary senses:

Normal and stable function of these primary senses are required for the correct function of the brain. Abnormal function of these systems will lead to a slowing of all cognitive and reflex functions and cause fluctuations of behavior, mood and activity level.

The NeuroSensory Centers of America is a state-of-the-art facility specifically designed to provide the most complete diagnostic tests available for Sensory Integration and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The center is equipped with Sensory-View™, a breakthrough diagnostic system that provides a complete array of non-invasive tests that allow your doctor to “see” your problem, customize your treatment program and verify the extent of your recovery at pre-determined intervals.


Breakthrough Study Reveals Biological Basis for Sensory Processing Disorders in Kids


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