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Concussions & Mild Head Injuries

A concussion is defined as an acute deceleration event causing nervous system dysfunction. The mechanism of the injury determines the severity of symptoms. Most patients who develop Post Concussion Syndrome may not seek help for months or even years following the injury. Many patients are completely unaware of the connection between their symptoms and the injury and may be quite confused by the change in their quality of life. Symptoms can include: poor vision, dizziness, headache, migraine, vertigo, imbalance, neck pain, clumsiness, anxiety, depression, short-term memory loss, poor concentration, decreased academic performance and decreased fine motor skills.

The NeuroSensory Center™ is a state-of-the-art facility specifically designed to provide the most complete diagnostic tests available for Post Concussion Syndrome. Each center is staffed by certified doctors whose backgrounds include advanced neurological and allergy/immunology training. Each facility is equipped with a ground-breaking diagnostic software system that allows our physicians to non-invasively evaluate the function of your nervous system and determine the source of your Post Concussion Syndrome. Once the source is identified, specific therapies can be utilized to improve or completely reverse these symptoms in most patients.

With SensoryView™ , your doctor will be able to "see" your problem, customize your treatment and verify the extent of your recovery at pre-determined intervals. The NeuroSensory Center evaulation allows your doctor to be precise in determining the correct time of "return-to-play" or "return-to-work" without risk of further injury or decreased performance.


Vision and Brain Injury

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“We are also looking forward to the appointment. You guys will be shocked to see how much improvement he has made.”