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It has been well documented that there is now an epidemic increase in the symptomatic syndromes the medical community recognizes as chronic “symptomatic” syndromes. These chronic nerve based syndromes can include diagnoses of Fibromyalgia, Migraine, headaches, Neuralgias, Radiculopathies, Neuropathies, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Dysautonomias, and Chronic Pain Syndromes. This disturbing rise in prevalence also accompanies a generalized increase in the number of neurological disorders in the general population. Unfortunately, as with many neurological diseases of unknown origin, the environment of poorly coordinated care between medical professionals have left patients in the state of relative confusion and frustration.

How do we see the problem with the sensory systems?
Beginning in 1998, nerve specialists began using a clinical method of combining known FDA-approved diagnostic tests to visualize the entire array of sensory systems feeding the brain information. Using this diagnostic method, these physicians were able to “visualize” sensory disorders and provide greatly improved therapeutic outcomes in patients with nervous system sensory abnormalities. This system, the Sensory View, is now in use at NeuroSensory Centers of America. The system allows our doctors to “see” your problem, customize your treatment program and verify the extent of your recovery at pre-determined intervals.


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